Archer A7 v5.0 snapshot missing GUI

Guys I intalled snapshot to my router but it seems that gui is missing... it can't be accessed from browser nor on nor
Guys how can i install stock firmware? I tried via tftp but it won't load it.
Perhaps someone could help me with GUI installation? I am newbie


snapshots don't have GUI pre-installed.

You can install if from SSH terminal. If you are on Windows, you will need to install an SSH client such as PuTTy on your PC to access the router. Once you have logged in using the default credentials, invoke the following commands to have LuCI (the GUI) running.

opkg update 
opkg install luci 
/etc/init.d/uhttpd start 
/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable
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hey buddy, i am not sure i can do that, can you do that remotely if i grant you access?

Hi. It would require some preparation from your side to allow access through the upstream router and also from the WAN side, so you are unlikely to be able to do that. But even if it was easy, you shouldn't give anybody access to your router!

Using PuTTy is easy enough. Just download it from the link I sent earlier, install it and run it; and I will guide you through.

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I installed the latest snapshot build today, trying to install luci now and getting the following error:
(trying to install the dependencies fails as well).

root@OpenWrt:/etc# opkg install luci
Installing luci (git-19.180.62908-a04e22e-1) to root...
Collected errors:
 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci:
 * 	uhttpd
 * 	luci-base
 * 	luci-mod-status
 * 	luci-base
 * 	rpcd-mod-rrdns
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci.


root@OpenWrt:/etc# cat /etc/os-release
ID_LIKE="lede openwrt"
OPENWRT_RELEASE="OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10368-17ae3eb9ff"

Any ideas?
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Seeing the exact same problem here. If you try opkg install uhttpd do you also see that it's an unrecognized package? I'm thinking it may have to do with the repositories configured, on another openwrt device I was able to upgrade uhttpd with no issue. Will dig into this further.

seems like an opkg update fixed this today

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Didn't fix it for me. Same exact error message you had.

Did you do anything else in the intervening time?

not really no. just opkg update && opkg install luci


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Same issue persists here for me. Going to switch to the C7 :confused:

edit: another note, couldn't install curl either, Damien you didn't update your snapshot in there?

it seems that the website it refers for downloading is blocked in my country. Can I install gui via usb? Can anyone help me?

If you can get access to a VPN you could connect your OpenWrt router as a client to anotjer router that's on VPN.

If no VPN is available, youcould probably download the pakage using Opera browser (it had free builtin VPN), copy it to router's tmp directory (using WinSCP for example if you are on Windowds. If you are on Linux then you will know how), then install it from there

i can download all those files but i dont know how to install them to router without gui. Can u help me?
what's your Telegram or Whatsapp number to chat?

This is form the old Wiki but should be valid (someone correct me if there are changes):
Scroll down to Minimalistic offline installation

It's in the current Wiki as well, so should be up-to-date I think.
Scroll down to Minimalistic offline installation

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can anyone send me link to gui file so i can install it offline?
i can't find it luci named file in this directory

@tmomas, do you know where he can download LuCI packages for offline installation?


thanks buddy, which of them is the gui itself?



Will there be a non snapshot release any time soon? It is working for now, but would rather use an official build vs a snapshot.