Archer A7: ath10k-ct-htt functional on stable?

I tried replacing the ath10k-ct firmware package (ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct)with the ct-htt variant in a stable build on my Archer A7 v5 yesterday, and my 5GHz wifi channel busted. I swapping back to the bare ath10k or ath10k-ct firmware packages works fine.

Are there any known issues with the ct-htt package? I was hoping to enable 802.11r, and to mess with settings to improve throughput. I'm using 2 Archer A7s as dump APs in my attic/basement to cover a large house, and the max throughput I'm getting on wifi is ~180Mb/s LAN->LAN, vs ~980Mb/s on the wired connection.

Huh, update: rebooting my client fixed the flakiness I was observing on the ct-htt firmware. I have no idea why that would be, but that did it.