Archer A20 v1.0 Firmware Request

Is it possible to build and flash firmware for the Archer A20 v1.0? When I originally bought it I assumed it was just too new to have any custom firmware built for it yet, but I haven't been able to find any information about building and/or loading custom firmware for the Archer A20 v1.0 on any sites devoted to custom router firmware.

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broadcom device... i think not supported at all

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Here are some hardware details:

  • BCM4908
  • BCM4365E
  • 128 MB NAND/512 MB RAM
    It's quite similar to ASUS GT-AC5300 which is supported in mainline firmware (it uses BCM4366E instead of BCM4365E). I will probably risk buying it in the next month or so and am willing to work on the firmware.