Arcadyan AW1000 - Auto reboot when 5G is down

Hi, is there a way where modem can auto reboot when "5G" connectivity is down ? I know there is watchdog / watchcat or connection monitor when it cannot connect to an address it can auto reboot the modem. the problem is if the modem reboots and connects to "4G LTE" it will still continue that way. are there any way to detect lost connection on the 5G specifically ?

doubt openwrt sees any differance between a 5G and 4G connection, except for speed.

if the modem have some kind of interface, you could try to extract the info in some way.

You can make your own watchat by creating a custom script and getting the AT command port of that router. You can send AT+QENG="servingcell" for a set of interval and make a string checker for "NR5G-NSA" or "NR5G-SA", if negative then send a CFUN=1,1 / or other commands that could refresh your connection and make it reconnect with 5G. Else, do nothing and sleep for some seconds. (Use crontabs or make it an init script to make sure that it run always)

By the way if you are using NSA connection, doing a cell lock to proper LTE bands will drastically improve the stability of NSA aggregation with your LTE connection. To make it simple, it doesn't get disconnected to 5G easily. Temps could also be one factor so make sure to check that.

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exactly. Im trying to find out if this can be the answer. there is a WAN1 and WAN1_4. doing further research

try accessing the LAN IP of the modem, it might have some kind of user UI.

I have a luci web UI and cannot find anything related to 5G over the logs

This is very helpful ill try this one. Also for now I have a FAN hooked up in the USB for additional ventilation. Ill take a look further