Ar7241+ar9283 mimo issue

hi friends. i have nanostation m2 whith Ar7241+ar9283 +awl6153 per chanel.
i try from chaos calmer to the last builds. the problem is similar to all builds.
now nsm2 work as wr842 v1 or mr3220 but it does have no matter.
in air os works well. its inportant because hardware is ok.
i have do this

  1. make backup of art 64k and full flash.
  2. I solder usb port for lte modem, now lte works fine and i have around 70mb/s and will use mwan3
  3. I solder IPX conector for 2 separate antenas whith 27dbi gain.
  4. in spi flash i flashed breed bootloader and flash openwrt and art part.
  5. i have resolder some gpio pins like reset pin and wps.
  6. config openwrt
    wan(wlan0) is client mode connected dhcp ch7 ht40 bitrare 180-300
    wan2(eth2) is lte modem in ndis mode.
    mwan3 i use wan_wan2 rule.
    My problem is router have big load avarage more then 10 8 8 and speed is low because cpu have big load but run in terminal there no procces whith high load. In clean System i have same probem.
    the i have find another board is air grid m2 there radio is ar9285 there aro no problems in same config . grid have just one chanel so it work max in mcs7. and speed is bit lower.
    then i tryed bullet m2 harware is same as ns m2 but in bullet work radio just one channel of ar9283 bu it have 2 chanells.
    i tryed to flash in ns m2 art parition from bullet m2 . there no lags cpu load is 0.1
    in a first time i was very happy. but work just one ch.
    i tryed other art but stiil no changes.
    in 1x1 work well
    in 2x2 few minutes work well then apear load in cpu. i think is driver loads cpu.

@bodya-007, welcome to the community!

  • ART data should not [normally] be interchanged between devices. It's permanent calibration data saved by the OEM when built/tested/flashed, unique to an individual device
  • I'm not sure I understood any "MIMO issue" - can you clarify?


Altering a radio is not legal in most nations (and could be your issue)

This doesn't appear to be a MIMO issue.

I'm not clear how you know this.

I use firmware from wr842,841,mr3220, because firmwares work better for me and there work usb port. In openwrt for ubnt there is bloked usb suport. hardware is very similar. there is diference between gpio 12 and 11. ubnt uses 12 for reset and 11 for led3, tplink 11 for reset
and 11 for qss button, both devices use ath9k driver.

I dont need to change radio callibration. just to initialize radio chip.

i run on my pc ssh and run top command on nsm2 and leave this. after 1 or 2 hours load avarage in increase. it can be 6-10, cant to to access to web and
command line freezes.
i have art call form original FW and from dump of tplink but result is same.
ar9283 is 2x2 radio
art of nsm2 use 1+2 rx 1+2 tx
art of bulletm2 use 1 rx 1 tx
art of tplink use 1+2 rx 1+2 tx

when i use art of bullet load avarage is 0.1-0.6 but work just one antenna.

Maybe who knows haw to see debug mesages of radio[WLAN+Hardware*~]=ar9283&dataflt[CPU*~]=724


Did you install the drivers?


Does this have anything to do with a "MIMO issue"?


Duh, that's impossible anyway. You shouldn't be touching the ART. If you actually messed up the calibration, it may not initialize.

So you admit this is unrelated to OpenWrt, correct?

Let me try to summarize all these confusing posts.

Are you saying that you damaged your WiFi card by altering the ART, and now it doesn't work?

You haven't posted any. And if you're asking where to find, you said it didn't initialize, remember - can you show us this error, please?

Not sure why you posted this.

  • Are you spamming the thread?
  • Are you implying that others with these devices should have the issue?
    • If so, have you searched the threads?

yes but didnt work
when use lsusb there is error -99

in the end radio will be touched but minimal. only for legal use

little bit later for error.

i dont say this. radio is starting but after some time router is unrecheable on web, but have acces on ssh but very freezing. for exemple i wrote reboot after minute word apear on cli.

I am very sorry for may English. i have some speeking barier.

I think AR7241 means you have the earlier "XM" version which is only 32 MB RAM. Some problems could be related to not enough RAM.

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I dont think so. In use are 18-23 mb

i have over clock cpu from 400 to 480 mhz it work beter. it can work 5 -6 days

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