Ar71xx and purpose

I am playing with Arduino Yùn at the moment.

I have been wondering what is the purpose of target/linux/ar71xx/ and target/linux/ar71xx/ ?

Wouldn't it be good to import this patch then : ?

Documentation about that would be welcome as there is no comments in the source tree. I have quite a hard time to understand how things work.

It's part of the old building code. At some point we should get rid of that and migrate all boards to the new building code.

It looks OK (excluding that long device name...). You can send it as PR or patch.

Did I understood right: and are the old building code and is the new building code ?

PS: I lost my "Zoha" account and had to create a new one. So Zoha==camille-hack :wink:

More or less, yes.