APU2 + OpenWrt x86-64 and WiFi 6?


I want to use a PC Engines APU2 board for OpenWrt. I need WiFi 6 (ax) for communication.
Is it possible to get a working hard- software combination for this?


Right now, no - or not really/ reliably (and I would be sceptical if the old AMD Jaguar cores can provide enough performance to do anything reasonable at the required throughput).

The only readily available wifi6 card with linux support right now would be the Intel AX200, but this card does not support AP mode at all (well, only on 2.4 GHz, which won't get you any closer to wifi6).

QCA's qcn9024/ qcn9074 cards are still very new and barely available, driver support is also too new to really comment.

The situation for Mediatek's mt7915e/ mt7921e isn't much different, development for mainline kernel upstream is still ongoing and mini-PCIe/ M.2 devices barely available.

All 802.11ax radios are running rather hot and challenge power supply of your PCIe slots and the cooling abilities of your chassis, so do expect non-standard sizes/ power consumption/ pin assignments to route more power to the card - just as well as low rx/ tx power abilities (to keep heat and power consumption at bay).

Full featured 802.11ax APs/ routers, although pricy in comparison to 802.11ac, are also cheaper than individual 802.11ax cards (expect ~180-220 USD per card, you need two) and aren't plagued by the power/ heat issues (as they can cater for the special needs of 802.11ax and don't need to adhere to mini-PCIe/ M.2 limits). As mentioned above, I would strongly recommend to look for faster x86_64 boards than pcengine's APU2/ APU3/ APU4 boards, as those can barely cope with routing at 1 GBit/s linespeed alone (without SQM/ VPN, etc.) and I don't expect them to handle the additional performance requirements of 802.11ax cards.

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Hi slh,

thanks for your detailed analysis. Then I have to wait a little bit longer for the right device.

At the moment I use the combination of Archer C7 v2 for 2.4 GHz + Honor router 3 for 5 GHz. With this combination I can reach up to 90 MB/s over Wifi-6. Client is WINDOWS 10 with Intel AX200.


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