Applying any change to WiFi interfaces reboot all interfaces

Hey guys,
Ive been using Openwrt on my Netgear R6100 since LEDE Days, But now it seems after updating to merged version between openwrt and LEDE ive been getting this annoying issue where everytime i apply any change to Lan Interface or WiFi interface it restart all the interfaces including PPPoE connection which reboot the internet connection for the whole router. It didnt use to happen on LEDE,, its really annoying issue.
is there anyway to fix or disable such thing?


How do you connect your router to Internet? Can you provide your configuration?

Network reload can often be accomplished without recreating all interfaces

On wireless reload, it is well summed up by


its connected to bridged vdsl modem
VDSL modem (bridge) > netgear r6100 running openwrt > WiFi + Ethernet

How are you connecting to the bridged router? LAN cable? How do you apply changes? Do you use LuCI to edit settings or SSH? Have you tried resetting your router and then configure it again? It can sometimes be faulty configuration left behind from previous versions when you upgrade to new major versions.

via Ethernet and i use LuCi to change setting, already did factory reset and still nothing. every time i change any WiFi setting i lose internet connectivity for few second till the PPPoE restart so even devices connected via Ethernet will lose Internet connectivity after applying WiFi changes.

BTW it never happened before on LEDE it just start happening after upgrading to Openwrt.

If this bothers you enough, you can either make your changes in /etc/config/wifi directly and run wifi up X as suggested above, or modify the LuCI code to perform the same action.

Can you post the contents of /etc/config/ucitrack? I think something may be triggering it from there.