Applications/luci-app-ddns: OpenNIC Integration

OpenNIC provides a script for updating domain names automatically.

wget -qO- "" > /dev/null

I would like to get this working with applications/luci-app-ddns.

Also, that package has several references to the old wiki.
It would be nice to get those updated to the new site.

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  • make a new DDNS update instance
  • for DDNS Service provider [IPv4], select --custom--
  • add the URL to the Custom update-URL section
  • you can even substitute [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] as variables for easy entering for your username and authcode directly into LuCI

Yes, I verify that the links to instructions in the package luci-app-ddns link to the old Wiki, those need to be updated in time for 18.06-rc1.

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Expect that nothing will happen unless you tell the maintainer of this package or create a bug report ->

I just sent them an email.

Why not make the bug report?

Because I'm not on Github?