APC UPS control in OpenWrt

How can I get the data from APC UPS into OpenWRT, to shut down the router if the UPS battery is low?
it does mentions

Network manageable via serial, USB or optional ethernet

Is there a package for UPSnuts or something?

There's a nut package


There is also apcupsd. Not as comprehensive as the nut package but a lot lower learning curve.

I can initiate a shutdown on the mains powered desktops, and any devices running on self contained battery power have that capability built in, so it does what I need it to do.


screenshots are always welcome.
@frollic Is that nut package not a Nutcase? :rofl:

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Do we have to follow this guide to your screenshots?

Pretty much, though I've customized the alert scripts to my particular use.

Nut the package will create a NUT server? bcz Homeassistant NUT integration pulls data from NUT server

The Network UPS Tools (NUT) integration allows you to monitor a UPS (battery backup) by using data from a NUT server.

as always here is a few Youtube videos on the topic