AP+STA, wifi ESSID with spaces, how to manage?


I have an openwrt router where was configured in AP+Sta, working very well

I need to use it with another network (not connected to the internet), but it looks like the essid is not properly taken in account
the wifi name have spaces (and I cant modify it)
so both wifi (main, and the openwrt repeater) have different essid with space within.
eg "first ssid" <==> "second ssid"
where second ssid is supposed to be powered-up by openwrt when it can connect to the "first ssid" in sta mode.
however, i think because of both ap+sta spaces within the ssid names, it fails

how to fix it?

btw, is it possible to ask to openwrt, when it fails to connect to the wifi from sta mode, to anyway create the "openwrt" opened ssid to be able to manage it without being forced to connect in RJ45, where lot of laptops doesnt have anymore?

I thank you vm! :slight_smile:

What you want is called Travelmate. Check it out...

Spaces in the SSID should not make a difference. They are definitely supported in the CLI since the SSID is in quotes in the configuration file.