AP+STA on one physical layer - Virtual WiFi

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a help in order to use one physical layer of WiFi to have two different functionality. One interface as AP (access point) and the other one as STA (client).
(Having these 2 interfaces bridged is preferred)

I've experienced this in Microsoft Surface pro devices & one Xiaomi mobile phone.
I'm not a professional user, and I don't know whether if it has specific name in networking and how to do so.
But as I've searched it's called Virtual WiFi in Microsoft terms.

Can anyone help me with this?
Whether it's defined in OpenWRT or Linux? and how to implement it?
Or any package in OpenWRT which can be installed to do such a thing.

If you want them bridged then the best would be to use WDS. Otherwise check for relayd.

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