AP only active if STA on the same radio is connected

I have a weird issue, that I’m unsure how to address. Here’s my setup:

Device: OpenWrt 23.05 on a TP-Link Archer C50 v4
radio0 (2.4GHz)

  • station to connect to an upstream AP (wan zone)
  • AP (lan zone)

In this repeater-like setup, I observe the following weird behavior: the OpenWrt AP is only active if the station is connected to the upstream AP. If the station disconnects, the AP disappears and all associated stations are dropped.
This only affects the AP on the same radio, i.e. the 5 GHz AP stays active regardless of upstream connection state.

Is this a known behavior? Is there some setting I can change to keep the AP active even if the upstream connection is lost?
Thanks for all your help and pointers!

This is expected behavior. A single radio can only operate on a single channel. So one that is used for both sta mode and AP mode must first connect to the upstream to determine what channel needs to be used before it can bring up the AP mode config.

There is a package that is designed to allow graceful failover in this situation a check out travelmate.

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