AP configuration with PVID set on one interface, VLAN traffic trunked on other

My device has two physical interfaces ('lan' and 'wan') and is set up as an access point connected to my PfSense router via the LAN port.

When I bridge the two ports and configure an interface on the bridge itself, the OpenWrt device and a device connected to the WAN port become available on my main network (If I enable VLAN tagging on the bridge, the device becomes inaccessible and requires a factory reset.)

What I want is for the device connected to the WAN interface to get an IP on my router's VLAN interface ( with its traffic tagged 25. I would assume I could configure interfaces for the LAN and WAN device, and then create a bridge device with VLANs 1 and 25 tagged on LAN and 25 set as the PVID on WAN, but when this is done neither the WAN interface nor its connected device are seen by my router. I've confirmed that VLAN-tagged traffic does come into my router properly with a different access point connected the same way, so I believe I've narrowed it down to the OpenWrt configuration.

Any advice on proper device and interface configuration would be much appreciated!

There are some confusing parts of your post.

Based on this :point_down:

the traffic for VLAN 1 (subnet shouldn't be tagged.

I presume you mean

Add the wan interface to the br-lan bridge and make the Bridge VLAN filtering page look like this:


Save the changes, but only use the Save button, NOT the Save & Apply button.

Go to the Interfaces tab and change the devices to br-lan.1 and br-lan.25 using the
--custom-- field.


Now you can press Save & Apply.

That worked! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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