AP client problem

Hello everyone,
I installed openwrt on xiaomi 4c router and I have very strange problem with connecting
to an wifi called: mojatv_full_1654

I tried almost everything to connect it but without luck.
The first one called Tenda I successufully can connect but the second one no way.
I removed first one Tenda to connect to the other one mojatv_full_1654 but same thing.
I don't know what could be that I cannoct connect to it.
This mojatv_full_1654 router is from my friend close to me and has very good signal.
What I did:
Change the wpa2 from aes to tkip in mojatv_full_1654 router webpage .
Changed channels from 1 to 14 on both routers,normally I put same channels on both routers because of client mode.
In my router I changes from client to client(wds) which is ends up to disabled wifi connection so I put it back to client only.
What I found on those two pictures that BSSID is not same from wifi scan and saved wifi.It saves wrong mac address.
Maybe this is a bug from openwrt.