Anyone try Xiaomi MiWiFi Pro (R3P)?

Saw it on WikiDevi, looks pretty decent for the price, in addition to physically looking good. Availability seems good for a MediaTek device as well, seems like those are often harder to find.

Looked around a bit around the Chinese forums to no avail.


Wow, thanks for checking!

If you're into these stuffs, you can get the firmware here and poke around:

When I look at it, the 2nd row is for R3P, the left one says "stable version" while the right one says "development version".


Edit: For those who don't know, the R3P is a ~75USD router (if you buy in China) based on the MT7621A platform with 4x4:4 support, 256MB flash and 512MB RAM (see OP's link for details). Here are some photos of the innards:

Very interesting, what's new?

Look really good with 256 MB of flash and 512MB of RAM.
Shouldnt be too easy to get LEDE working on it,just that MT7615N that is used is not supported by MT76 driver

We can organize a hardware donation but who will develop the MT76 driver?

There is some effort to add support for MT7615 also

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Hi, looks like there is a dev firmware for this? is there any howto instructions? cant find any so far. Would it be the same as the xiaomi 3g maybe? (I have one of those as well I amd trying to get on openwrt but I cant get to the ssh bin.

FOSS support status for MT7615 hasn't changed afaik. Since both radios are 7615 you wouldn't be able to use any radio at all with OpenWrt at this point unless you start hacking in the (leaked?) driver.

read this: MT7620A Wifi very slow. Is there any driver issue?

this device might also be one of a choice