Anyone Running 19.07 On Edgerouter X?

18.06.4 with SQM QoS (layer cake), SW flow offload and DHCP service for 4 VLANs is humming along just fine on our home gateway Edgerouter X. I know - ain't broke, don't fix it. But I'm still getting a real bad case of "flash'itis" to have it match our two home AP's running the latest 19.07 snapshot; however, I don't want my children to disown me if it gets temperamental in the middle of doing their "schoolwork" - all right - schoolwork. They get their face-time and on-line games in too, but to be fair, they're pretty diligent kids. Anyone given 19.07 a whirl on the Edgerouter X (MT7621)?

I haven't used the 19.07 branch on mine, but building from the master works well, I much prefer it to having 18.06.4.

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Thanks - took the plunge. SNAPSHOT r11188 (4.14.148 kernel) is indeed working quite well.

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