Anybody out here currently using OpenWrt on Netgear X6 R8000?


Anybody out here currently using OpenWrt on Netgear X6 R8000? If so, can you please share your experience on whether you find OpenWrt on it to be stable especially WiFi - both on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz? Also, does it support roaming through 802.11r as well as 802.11k/v for you? Finally does it support 80Mhz bandwidth in 5Ghz non-DFS as well as DFS channels?

The reason I ask is that many posts on these forums talk about WiFi instability of OpenWrt on Netgear R8000. However, most of these posts appear to be quite old. So it is not clear, what the current state of affairs is.

BTW, this router is quite unique in that it is Broadcom based, but still has full OpenWrt support including WiFi! In that respect, it is quite interesting, especially if we can get feedback from actual users having this router in day-to-day use, including WiFi.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Although I don't have personal experiences with this device in particular or brmcfmac in general, there are better (faster) and more cooperative (more common == better support) SOCs and devices these days, e.g. r7800, nbg6817, turris omnia or e8450/ rt3200.

I am and have been running an r8000 with openwrt for a while. Ive had problems with everything after Chaos Calmer. It runs great on chaos!

Not exactly...

Broadcom devices have very limited support in OpenWrt.

Which is long out of support.

So is this router apparently, but everything on openwrt says its supported. I must have missed the note about with no wifi.

As mentioned..devices that use Broadcom chipsets have very limited support in OpenWrt.

Thats for sure

I ran an R8000 for a while on the 18.06.x and 19.07.x releases. All radios worked most of the time. During Covid, with my wife and I working from home and my son doing school from home we would have weird hangs maybe once every other week. These would require a router reboot. This was inconvenient when my wife was on a zoom call or my son was using zoom for a class. It's too bad because the router is pretty good and the wireless range was great. I've since replaced it with an x86/64 solution with separate AP but the R8000 is sitting on the shelf as a backup should my current hardware ever have issues.