Any way to prevent Windows from adding a new network each reboot

So I've noticed that whenever I reboot the router Windows seems to think it has discovered a new network and appends an incremented number too the name. Currently I'm on ethernet suffix 14 and WiFi network 5.

Any way to stop this?

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That would suggest your router doesn't have a fixed MAC address on its wireless interface - if that's the case, you can configure a fixed override for it.

You might also try method #4 here, deleting your networks from the registry and starting fresh (reboot after deleting), i've had the same problem if for some reason Windows didn't delete all the info of an old network with the same name or if i flashed a new build and Windows thought it was a new network (even though name was same).

Thanks for the suggestions.

It's on both WiFi and wired that I get this. It doesn't ask for new network credentials in WiFi but it keeps incrementing there number and on wired it keeps incrementing and asks me if it should be treated as private or public every time.

I'll try the method in the link to see if it helps

How do you do that?

	option macaddr '12:34:56:ab:cd:ef'

Preferably, copy the MAC address from an existing interface if it looks sane, or from the label on the case.

If you want to create a random MAC address instead, make sure it is locally administered and unicast (individual). In other words, the second hex digit (2 in the example) should be one of 2, 6, a or e.

Hey DataDigger,

Did you find a solution to this ?

I am in the same situation on a freshly flashed DIR-842 C1, after every reboot (absolutely every reboot), all the Windows computers connected by LAN are incrementing a new network and asking whether is it public or private.

Reaching now funny numbers like Network 55, and not naming them.
It is clearly a disturbing issue, especially on production machines, but I wish I won't have to go back to the DLINK Firmware.

Any help is welcome, thank you.

Have you read the previous postings and have you tried the proposed solution?


Yes I did delete my ethernet connections with regedit and I also ensured that the MAC address is a fixed one, routeur MAC address is never changing.

My configuration is purely stock, I only added PPOE and a few ports forwarding (80 / 443 / 22 / 110 / 25).

Where this could come from since my configuration is almost untouched ?

Try creating static leases for some of your lan clients to check if there will be any difference.

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Thank you, I'm going to try this and post the result.

After several tests, thanks for your suggestions, I've found that :

  • If I use a static IP (preset in Windows), every time I reboot the router, Windows will prompt and count a new network.

  • If I leave IP on DHCP mode, Windows will never prompt me, network will keep the same number or name.

Setting static lease did not change much unfortunately.

Do you have an idea on how I could keep my static IP setup on Windows without having these infinite "new network" created and prompts for Private or Public network ?

In advance, thanks a lot.

I assume the LAN MAC address for (br-lan) isn't fixed, stable for this router, can you check that?

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is it possible you are using Windows Random Hardware Address feature?

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After checking on Interfaces ➞ Devices, MAC address was pre-set but with some sort of grey colour.

But before my MAC address was already matching and did not change on reboots.

There are details from br-lan on interfaces if this can help :

Protocol: Static address
Uptime: 12h 26m 53s
RX: 895.25 KB (6533 Pkts.)
TX: 3.59 MB (14704 Pkts.)
IPv6: fd7c:837c:beea::1/60

EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:68 is exactly what the sticker on DIR-842 bottom shows.

Following your advice, I added MAC: EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:68 on Devices for br-lan, saved and rebooted but the issue remained.

By the way Interfaces ➞ Devices is showing :

br-lan Bridge device EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:68
eth0.1 Network device EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:68
eth0.2 Network device EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:6A

eth0 Network device 66:1A:53:57:6E:AF (This one keeps changing on reboots).
wlan1 Network device EC:AD:E0:AF:AC:68

I am wondering why eth0.1 and eth0.2 mismatch, and why eth0 is completely different ? Is this normal ? (I never changed any parameter here).

Also, if I reboot one of the computers (not the router), then windows will remove the name Network 1,2,3,4x and use the network real name, just like if it knew it from the past.

Might be some Windows issue maybe, but I tested on a fesh Windows 10 and some older ones.

No, I don't use this kind of option.

what about auto proxy in Windows (Settings \ Network&internet \ Proxy), is it off too?

It was ON by default (preset by Windows), I put it on OFF, but the issue remained.

I guess that I will have to live with that issue :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks everyone for your kind help and time spent replying.

usually mobile usb network (e.g. sharing phone's internet) produce same issue, there are plenty of such reports if you search internet, and switching off auto proxy and random address and *NdisDeviceType registry magic link, use to help. sorry to hear your issue still remains though.

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