Any way to filter my view of threads

I think there is at least one user in this forum who is targeting me with their angst, making multiple inappropriate public remarks that are not only unhelpful but actually begin to undermine the spirit of community that I sense the guidelines are trying to foster.

Is there any way that I can just automatically have the software filter all posts and replies that were posted by a certain forum user? Of course I would only want the filter to apply to my view of the forum threads.

If not, does anyone have any other suggestions on how to most effectively deal with a miscreant in this forum?

I've tried ignoring the user in question as the guidelines suggest, but they seem to be trying desperately to get my attention. I'd enjoy reading how others have dealt with problems like this.

I see that I'm not the first person to wonder about this subject.

So there is apparently no functionality in discourse for this.

In that case, any other suggestions for how best to deal with such people in this forum?

You should report it to a moderator...

Hi @risole,

the only facility I am aware of is the ability to "mute" notifications from certain users which can be done in the notification area of your profile settings.

Hi @risole,

I find it very interesting that you seem to have problems (with at least one user) after only registering 2 days ago. Maybe the fact that you cross-post a few topics and people point you to this fact has something to do with it. As for the public inappropriate remarks...I think I saw/read most of your posts and the replies to them. I am not sure what you find inappropriate . But: if you feel that something was inappropriate (which I understand can be different for everyone given the different cultures/background that we all come from), I am quite sure you could point this out directly to the user who made the remark and he/she will explain/rephrase without the two of you getting into a big fight/discussion.

Dude.. you don't need to do that, this is a community here, if you don't like something you could leave, If you think that a user is doing something wrong just point it out on a reply on the same thread and then problem should end there, if it persist, just ignore it or talk to a moderator. OpenWrt/LEDE have no interest if you know about human behaviour or not, take that to or somewhere else were people are.
When writing/reading the "sounds rude" if from the reader, not the writer. And when someone point you out something, you should either ignore it, say "ok" or say "no, you are wrong or misunderstood because" and nothing more than that. People here want to be concice and technical inquire into OpenWRT/LEDE knowledge no human behaviour or other people interpersonal relation problems.
Edit: I just saw the threads that you posted, You just should ignore it and nothing more... If the thread is open, no problem if it is outdated, you could post there, if you post something similiar but not the same, not problem at all, you are asking because you are learning and you should now know yet if it is the same, related or unrelated, if someone says that other user probably will not respond, the other user it saying their opinion, just say "ok, lets see" and leave it there, don't take everything personal. This forum is for ask and reply about OpenWrt/LEDE topics accoding the categories. The only guidelines it should be "wherever you do, do it the better you can" and nothing more. Be well :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback @braian87b. In light of your thoughtful comments, I took down the post you wrote about when you wrote, "Dude... you don't need to do that...".

In my defense, @drbrains did seem to me to clearly express interest in my perspective on this, which is why I posted it. And the user in question has disabled private messages on their profile here so the only way I could have communicated my thoughts to that user...

was publicly as I did. I do hope that user changes their behavior here as a result of my post though. I think the community will improve if they change their behavior.

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