Any Thoughts On The IEI Puzzle-M902?

Hi all, new to the forum here. I'm looking at the IEI Puzzle-M902 which comes pre-installed with OpenWRT.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? Plan to use it in conjunction with an Asus AX router with 10G LAN ports in AP mode, a 10Gbe switch and 10Gbe to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. Do the 10G and 2.5G ports work as WAN/LAN now? And how easy is it to set up/configure as compared to consumer-oriented GUIs like AsusWRT/QuRouter etc?

The QNAP Qhora-322 shares the same hardware but uses proprietary software/OS from the NAS maker.

However, based on reviews I've seen of the older Qhora 301-W, the software/OS is still a work in progress/buggy and lacks many functions you'd expect to find in most modern router GUIs.

I'm on 10Gbps fiber broadband and looking for a wired solution to handle VPN and other routing/filtering functions without throttling my wired speeds.

Tried consumer all-in-one routers with 10G LAN/WAN ports released over 2021 and 2022 and none of their 'latest and greatest' could handle all the aforementioned functions without throttling my wired speeds down to less than a quarter of ISP-advertised speeds.

All thoughts, advice, recommendations are welcome thanks.

May want to ping daniel, based on gitlog appears to have access to both 901 and 902 devices. Have you found a source with available product?

Yes, it's available here:威強電-PUZZLE-M902-即插即用OpenWrt軟路由-i.45502364.10154104402

And thanks for the heads up, I'll go ask him too.