Any Thoughts On The IEI Puzzle-M902?

Hi all, new to the forum here. I'm looking at the IEI Puzzle-M902 which comes pre-installed with OpenWRT.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? Plan to use it in conjunction with an Asus AX router with 10G LAN ports in AP mode, a 10Gbe switch and 10Gbe to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. Do the 10G and 2.5G ports work as WAN/LAN now? And how easy is it to set up/configure as compared to consumer-oriented GUIs like AsusWRT/QuRouter etc?

The QNAP Qhora-322 shares the same hardware but uses proprietary software/OS from the NAS maker.

However, based on reviews I've seen of the older Qhora 301-W, the software/OS is still a work in progress/buggy and lacks many functions you'd expect to find in most modern router GUIs.

I'm on 10Gbps fiber broadband and looking for a wired solution to handle VPN and other routing/filtering functions without throttling my wired speeds.

Tried consumer all-in-one routers with 10G LAN/WAN ports released over 2021 and 2022 and none of their 'latest and greatest' could handle all the aforementioned functions without throttling my wired speeds down to less than a quarter of ISP-advertised speeds.

All thoughts, advice, recommendations are welcome thanks.

May want to ping daniel, based on gitlog appears to have access to both 901 and 902 devices. Have you found a source with available product?

Yes, it's available here:威強電-PUZZLE-M902-即插即用OpenWrt軟路由-i.45502364.10154104402

And thanks for the heads up, I'll go ask him too.

anyone know where we can buy this device in europe ??

You can check out if QNAP in your region has it (QHora 322, these 2 are basically same thing), however looking at the price from Taiwan, this device is almost USD700! Too expensive for me and maybe buying a mini PC with dual 10G card is better (of course more power consumption)

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yes but not as easy as buying it with openwrt already installed :smiley:
but i just discovered there is no wifi in the box as the qhora-301w.... :sleepy:

Well but since they are the same thing (QNAP is subsidary of IEI if you don't know) so the installation should be pretty easy.

Also do note that Puzzle M902 (or QNAP QHora-322) is using 4-core A72 CPU (Big core) while QHora-301W is 4-core A53 which is significantly slower than the former one (but more power efficient so it doesn't need a fan).

BTW I just bought the Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 from Japan (2nd hand) which is around USD 160, basically it's even better than the 301W (since the Buffalo one has 8x8 for 5GHz vs 4x4 only on 301W), will test after installing new 10G broadband.