Any possibility of the TP Link TL-MR100 being supported?

Just wondering if this might be in the development pipeline.

This is towards the bottom of the TP Link LTE router range.

I bought it hoping to use it in bridging mode to supply a load balancer with cellular connectivity.

Unfortunately it seem as if none of the TP Link cellular routers will run in AP / bridging mode out of the box.

I see the TL MR 200 has been supported so was wondering whether there were any plans to work backwards through the series.

The MR200 has 8MB of flash and 64 MB of RAM, and that is at the lower end of what is supported by OpenWrt. What are the specs of the MR100?


Agh. I'm showing my amateur colors.

The datasheet is here. But no mention of either RAM or flash size. Let me do a bit more digging.

They seldom do, unless there's a lot of it, so they can brag about it.

If the device's available in US, check the FCC DB, if not, look for photos of internals online, or open yours up.

Here are the all details. Its 4/32 device with [ramips/mt76x8]

that's a dead end, for openwrt.