Any news regarding Pi Zero 2?


Ive been following the thread regarding PI Zero 2 but its now locked.
Any updates regarding this?

Thank you all.

no licence is available afaik...

I'm still trying to get a LICENCE file from Synaptics (43456), and our part of Cypress are now Infineon

(so currently not legal)

feel free to thumbs up or comment here:

thanks for the update.
I have already posted on github.

Maybe there is a template email we can send to them too?

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i'm reluctant to press the matter at a practical level as i've found Phil's responses / efforts in these domains to be sincere and on point...

I do have serious reservations about upper levels at the pi foundation as these things are marketed for open use, they brag about sales yet they are not upfront about it being illegal to run third party distros and have working wifi...


Roger Thornton for compliance

Mike Buffham for commercials

Zero 2 W has FCC modular certification, which reduces the compliance workload involved in incorporating it into an end product

read the comments and see what happens when people ask about third party software use...

special mention;

Alasdair Allan

note: tinycore and ubuntu pop up when searching for distro's with support... it may be worth reaching out the their maintainers to see how they managed to obtain a licence or comment

is there a way to overcome this by asking the user to download no-free after the first install?

fyi, I've asked some ubuntu folks and appears they don't bundle the driver

Not on openwrt, it runs from a read only file system, as do basically all embedded systems.

@jdwl1o1 on a pi (with lots of space etc) I think it could be acceptable. no?

Space isn’t really the issue, the read only system partition is a fundamental part of the OS. It makes an internet facing device more resistant to unwanted modification.

Of course you could build your own images that don’t have read only rootfs, that will likely take a lot of hacking on the openwrt build system.

If you’re keen to build your own image then you can include anything you like, even non-free components. You won’t be able to distribute it to others though.

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building my own image is not a problem (apart from the need to read and understand how openwrt does things..)

I havent build a kernel/system from source since 2004 maybe... (lowest gentoo stage probably??) but with a bit a "forum begging" Ill survive I think hehhee

I did build an openwrt image from scratch the last couple of days but I havent tested anything yet.

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Does this give a solution? @stintel

Like I said, at this point I'm waiting for advice from the SFC. My initial mail and reminder were completely ignored, so I forwarded it to a personal mail address instead of an alias that arrives in /dev/null.

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poking you a bit more :slight_smile:
I saw movement on the linux-firmware upstream regarding the licensing.
Sounds positive!

As the firmware licensing is still unclear, I've prepared instructions to manually include the firmware. Please see the rpiz2w branch of my staging tree. I would appreciate testing and feedback.

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is the tree gone or merged somewhere?

This has been in master since;a=commit;h=e9f9cd14cc71826957877999fd063dd080de4751

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