Antenna-less Router

Hi, I am looking for a router for a small apartment. The ones with 3/4/5/etc antennas are simply too bulky and as it is often the case, the modem location is not the best to hide a big router.
So I am hoping to find a small unit with one or two LAN ports and AC. Looking for stability, estacially WiFi, and not lowest price. Will be used exclusively for WiFi, LAN is for management.
Is an RPi3 a good option?

UPDATE: the speed will be 25M/10M and maybe 50M/10M later, so no need a Gbps hroughput.

UPDATE2: At this link speed, SQM is a must.

DIR-860B has no external antennae. Finding the supported revision could be a chore tho. There're some devices from GL-Inet which have no external antennae, small things like AR300M or larger devices like B1300.

I gave up on looking for the right HW revision of DIR-860L. Need something easy to buy.

WR902AC might fit the bill. Think it currently has snapshot support.
A few different versions though. I’ve got a V1

While not exactly tiny, the BT Home Hub Type 5a has quite capable internal antennas and isn't that big in comparison to other routers.

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I wish it had more than one wired port so that I could use it for a management interface.

Last time I checked I think it needed to be flashed over a serial cable and required soldering, which I am hoping I can avoid.

There are multiple sources on the big used goods site that offer them preflashed with LEDE 17.01.4 - that would also avoid getting the wrong (type B) hardware revision.

Yes, the test points are tiny - but it's still doable, even (maybe even better) using a solderless method, but if you're not comfortable, go with a preflashed device.

Do you mind sharing a link? I cannot seem to find any.

Just add LEDE to the model name, you'll find at least 4 sources - I can't vouch for and won't advertise for either.

GL.inet GL-AR750
Travel basically means its small in size and runs on 5V.
Comes with OpenWrt\LEDE
It's a 100MB device, but a GB device is planned.

Can an AR750 run SQM at 25M or 50M?

The Ubiquiti UFI series might fit the bill - they have 17.01.4 support[Model*~]=unifi

They are access points, not a router. And they also seem to require running a UFI Controller.... the AC PRO has 2 ports so it can be used as a router and no controller needed on openwrt, the controller is a software, anyway

The standard openwrt image will install a basic router on every device. The only differences are those related to the internal hardware (ie radios, switches, usb, etc). Even a single port AP (factory firmware) will become a router with a single LAN (IIRC) port (PIA to config).

Can an AR750 run SQM at 25M or 50M?
Ask here

My HH5A is up with both N and AC bands, running 18.06rc1.

Netgear R8000 has fold down ANTENNA