Ansible Collection for OpenWrt


I've been developing an Ansible Collection for OpenWrt. Sadly quite a lot of devices won't be able to use it, because it expects Python which won't fit onto a lot of devices out there.

But for everyone else who might be interested, here is my Github Repo with the collection.

I'm constantly extending the functionality.
The documentation is in German only, yet it's quite self explanatory for eveyone acquainted with Ansible. When it's kinda finished I'm planning to translate it into English.
Looking forward to your feedback.



Would be nice if you could provide an approximation of how much space is necessary on a device for this to be useful.

I tested with a blank OpenWrt x86 device which uses ~ 16MB of disk space.
The installation of python3 is required after which disk space usage is at ~ 38MB.

So the absolute minimum is to have 40 MB.
If you want to install other packages so you OpenWrt is more fun I would suggest to have 64 MB or more.

Devices that have a USB port or something where you can plug a storage device can just do an extroot and then they can install whatever they want

I think the real limits will be on RAM. I kinda know Ansible and it's not cheap on RAM. But then again you won't be coordinating a fleet of hundreds of servers from a home router, so for a more home setting with a handful of PCs and NAS will probably be fine.

But that's Ok, lots of people use OpenWrt in containers or in VMs on x86 so it's good to see Ansible added

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It's supposed to be the other way around. My collection can be used to coordinate fleets of OpenWrt devices.