Another router buying suggestion (gigabit, VPN, 30-40 devices)

I'd appreciate some router suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

How fast is your internet connection?

Do you need Wi-Fi?
Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Do you need Gigabit Ethernet?

Do you need USB ports? How many? USB 2.0 or 3.0?
1xUSB 2 (zigbee adapter)

How many family members/devices must the router support?
30/40 devices

What other services do you want?
Docker with 1 container (optional)

Price range
Max 100€

You want gigabit routing with VPN and docker for 30-40 clients, and under 100 eur?
Not realistic.

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New n95/ n100 4-port (up to 2.5GBASE-T) mini PCs range from 130-250 EUR (when shipped directly from .cn, local distributors tend to be more expensive). Add OpenWrt supported wireless routers/ APs as needed (starting around 15 EUR for e.g. dap-x1860, covr-x1860, wsm20).

Yes, this does exceed your 100 EUR budget, but 1 GBit/s WAN speed isn't easy, even less with VPN, docker, adguard in mind (I would advise against overloading your router with server tasks (docker) for security reasons).

May offer cheaper (used) alternatives, especially towards the later parts of the thread (the pcengines apu devices with AMD jaguar cores are not sufficient for your requirements - and with VPN (and especially docker, just don't...) you really should look at n95/ n100 rather than at 5-10 year old Atom SOCs (and even less AMD jaguar)).