Anonymous router setup

Hello.I start working on small project for security tests.What I want to achieve:

  • Routing all traffic to socks5 proxy (I'll connect my laptop, phone, raspberry pi to this AP), also through backconnect proxy server

  • Solving webrtc issue if possible (I'll describe it slightly later)

  • Redirect all dns queries through socks5

As I understand I can use redsocks for tunneling traffic through socks.

About webrtc, when I open browserleaks without vpn/socks I can see a public IP similar to my own IP address. As I know webrtc works through the udp protocol, but maybe here is some trick.

DNS redirection. When I use proxifier on my pc I see at browserleaks/whoer auto-assigned dns address. DNS addresses are correct, working. I want to achieve similar stuff with openwrt. So i.e. I connect to my ap via laptop and don't need to play with dns servers. If I correct it's called remote dns, proxifier can resolve names through socks and use "native socks dns".

Hope I write my message correctly, english is not my native language. Guides/docs are highly appreciated, thanks.

There is a common misconception that VPN and/or proxies will make your browsing anonymous. What these techniques really do is shift the privacy/identity to a different endpoint, but the technologies themselves do not ensure that you are anonymous.

So, if you use a VPN on your home router, your ISP won't be able to figure out what you are doing online, but your VPN provider will (necessarily) have access to that information. They may say that they keep your stuff private, but unless you can audit them, it is hard to know for sure. In addition, there are still tracking techniques used for your general online activity whenever you are logged in to a website. An example: while at work one day, I looked up a microphone. Facebook had been used on that computer, but was not open and I didn't visit FB that day on that computer. Later, I noticed FB was showing me ads for the specific microphone and retailer (based specifically on the search mentioned above) while I was looking at FB on my phone.


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