Announce SMB on a different network

Hi. I have a router with OpenWRT, on which I run Mullvad Wireguard client. I wanted to add a wifi, which would bypass the vpn and work as a normal internet from my provider. I managed to do that after reading this discussion. So short summary: create new bridge interface "bypass" (, assign new wifi ap to it, create route for WGINTERFACE to, create rule for lan ( to use that route. In firewall connect bypass network to wan, and LAN network to WGINTERFACE.

Now, on LAN, I have a homelab with samba share. How can I make it available on "bypass" network? In the aforementioned discussion the topic is raised, but just as the OP, I didn't achive the desired result. From what I understood announcing samba share on a different network is a bit more complex than just creating firewall rules to connect "bypass" and "lan" to each other. Any advice?

Samba uses port 445 so you have to open up that port between subnets.

You then should be able to use Samba by IP address.

Announcing Samba service so that it can be discovered is done with mDNS this is only for the local subnet.
However you can use Avahi/mDNS to reflect between subnets so that it is announced also on other subnets.

I am not using it at this moment so I can only describe it in general terms.

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I opened all ports between the networks, i.e. just in firewall allowed fowarding all ports, alas to no success. I still cannot ping from one network to another. Even set up routing, but still to no success.