Annapurna Labs Alpine platform build support

I want to build target CPU Annapurna AL214, which makes use of
Annapurna Labs Alpine platform. But I do not see the support for the target. Does LEDE project has support for the Annapurna AL214?

Afaik, no.
I think upstream (linux kernel) supports Alpine platform since a few months ago, in kernel version 4.5

LEDE is using kernel version 4.1.

Kernel 4.5 release is for Alpine v2 (64-bit). Alpine v1 (32-bit) has been supported since Kernel 4.1 - see*&archive=both and✓&q=CONFIG_ARCH_ALPINE

I'm looking at getting lede running on the netgear R9000, which uses the AL314.
Adding platform support isn't too hard, as the kernel indeed has support for it, but unfortunately the kernel doesn't include any of the drivers.
The netgear GPL tarball does include a kernel with the drivers, but that's 3.10.20 unfortunately.

The good news is that an ethernet driver was recently submitted (, hopefully the other drivers will follow soon.

From the look of things, the regular wireless seems run of the mill ath10k. 802.11ad seems Qualcomm/Atheros stuff as well but no clear info on the driver (wouldn't surprise me if it's fully closed source - but I tend to err on the skeptical side of things :smiley: ).

Any news on getting R9000 support?

I have some time again, so hopefully I can get something working. (But I'm not promising anything)

The good news is that the dd-wrt team has it working (mostly), and they did the hard work of porting all the drivers to the 4.9 kernel.
It should be relatively straightforward now to create an lede image for the R9000, using the dd-wrt kernel changes.

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Hoping you have been able to make some positive progress!?

I would be happy to help test anything!! Was planning to try a few things on my end but have not had much time.

Seems like it would be safe to say that the demand for this hardware is pretty low unfortunately.

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Would there happen to have been any progress on supporting this platform? Hardware wise, Netgear's R9000 seems perfect, but for myself, and presumably many others, it's a non-starter without LEDE/OpenWRT support.

It seems probably not judging by git history of the main LEDE repository, but thought I'd ask just to confirm :slight_smile:

Is there anything that can be done to expedite progress on supporting this hardware? I'm happy to purchase a unit and provide as much requested information as possible, so long as it's at least somewhat likely it'll result in LEDE support for the device.


A well-known contributor has a patreon page and may be interested in getting donations (or getting free hardware) to do this, you can try to contact him and see if he is interested

Any new news, just started to use my R9000 again.

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I'm waiting as well...