Amplify unsecured network

Hey there and hello from Germany. I am 22 years old and just started to get interested in the OpenWRT project. So, here is my first project.
Some of you might already tell me that’s way too boring or simple but it tackles some serious lacks of knowledge that I need to address.
So I work in a big company that provides unsecured WiFi for all employees, but the place where I work has a very poor network quality. I’m a tiny little bit familiar with computers but not as much, that I would know how to amplify the poor quality of the signal strength.
After connecting to the WiFi you must check a little button that says ,,connect now” and your good to go.
All I need is a router that amplifies the signal without physical access to the router. Is that easily possible? Thanks in advance!

aka wifi/wlan repeater/extender

or meshing

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That will not amplify the signal from the router - that could only be done at the AP from where the signal initially emanates. But the antenna of the repeater/extender may be able to provide better coverage than whatever devices currently suffering

Though off-topic

That is rather worrisome about the competence of the corporation's IT


Oh, I dunno. My employer provides a guest WiFi network, segregated from the corporate network. Most of our clients also do the same.

Meshing will require access to main network, and relayd can be troublesome.

I suggest simple sta/ap scenario.

Click a button where exactly?

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I don't use this myself so i'm not really familiar with it, but it sounds like Travelmate would suit your needs, here's the support thread for it that should give you lots of info on how to set it up.

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Reading your post again, I wonder wouldn't it make more sense that you speak to the network administrator and have them enhance the coverage? The thing is that even if the company allows you to connect personal devices (if you are allowed), the same might not apply to creating a sub network, or increasing the range of the network making more reachable by pedestrians or neighbours.

In all cases, network administrator should be made aware.