Alternatives to Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (nlbwmon)?

Is this the best OpenWRT can do? It's not even close to matching what the ISP has logged. The ISP has me logged at 1100gb for the month, but NLBW in LUCI has me around 300gb for the same period. Am I missing something? Protocol mappings?

Just curious but how do you rack up 1000GB per month? I found by cancelling the Netflix 4K subscription our monthly usage went significantly down by around 200GB. And neither my wife nor I can tell the difference.

I'm not a typical user. I typically use 500-700 a month doing this, but the last few months it's been climbing. I do a lot of torrents (100-300 GB some months), watch a lot of Twitch streaming and YouTube, have two Firesticks (1080p and 4K) that stream Prime and run Plex. I also run a two media servers (music on subsonic and movies on plex) but those are LAN only. I have the firesticks disabled in OpenWRT from 3pm to 3am, and they can't be used during that time, but I'm wondering if they could still be pulling data somehow. I also run AdGuardHome and can see what's going on through OpenWRT, but I have yet to be able to capture correct data to sus out where some of the bandwidth is going.

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Do you produce a lot of IPv6 traffic? Capturing that might be unreliable

I'm being very nosy and could or possibly should be slapped on the wrist for even asking, but I'm always curious when people talk about using torrents. What are they actually doing?

If you enable fliw-offloading (probably NSS as well), only a fraction if the traffic can be seen by nlbwmon.

I have IPV6 disabled.

I've experimented with this and speeds, but I have Software flow offloading disabled in LUCI.

Torrents are useful for all sorts of things, but downloading bulk movies, music, games, ISO, and other large datasets are the typical. They are especially useful for obtaining community created projects, old, lost, or out of date copies.

I'm using vnstat2 on xrx200 openwrt in modem only mode . It's possible that your ISP count gross transmission .

The extra bandwidth is far too high for that to be the case. No way that would account for 600GB. I've never used vnstat2. I'll check it out.