Alternative to UE-300 ---> RTL8153 + 3 port 3.0 hub for $14.99@amz

So I was looking at amazon for a UE-300 ethernet adapter for my own nefarious uses and happened upon this little boy:

Seller claims its based on RTL8153 which AFIAK is the same as the UE-300. So I had a bunch of stuff to order anyways, I went ahead and got one. Its only about $2.00 more then a new UE-300, but you get a 3 port USB 3.0 hub built in. It's NOT a powered hub mind you fellas, but thats probably fine for small flash drives, bluetooth, self powered storage etc. So I will update people when it arrives and I test it out and see if its as good as the UE-300 in terms of speed, low cpu utilzation and how hot it gets or conversely how cool it stays...

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Tbh it doesn't seem like a very good device for 24/7 usage. I don't know if you really need a USB hub but if I were you i would stick with the ue300. In my personal experience, simple devices are generally more reliable on mission critical services like networking.
simple device= most likely no problem
no-name complex device= risky choice

Anyway, I can't wait to see your comments about this adapter. I hope it will be fine!



Yeah you guessed it, I do need a hub. I only have 1 USB 3.0 port, yet I have 3 external drives for my large collection of movies, Free and legal ones only of course :P, So it's either this or a 4 port hub+UE-300. This will be much more aesthetically pleasing if it turns out to actually work good. Keep in mind none of that is critical so if it craps out in a year its no big deal.

If I can crack it open I will take pics.

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Don't always believe specs on amazon

I recently bought a USB/Ether advertised as having RTL8153 - a few dollars cheaper than the UE300, and quicker delivery time, so I bought it

Turned out it was AX88179 chip - which worked like garbage on my Pi4

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Good point jaromanda, amazon sellers can be deceptive to say the least! In this case however, it appears that they were on the up and up.

according to lspci it is indeed an rtl8153.
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0bda:8153 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Unfortunately the USB hub portion of the adapter is not fully supported by OpenWRT.
Highlight of the Workaround: insert a half of the plug into router port → the system recognize USB 2.0 hub, then insert the plug to the end → the system recognize USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 hubs as it must be.

The RTL8153 is recognised and works but only in USB 2.0 mode on OpenWRT.

But that's OK I already had a second purpose for it lines up. My laptops Ethernet port is trashed from a decade of the old in-and-out and said laptop only has 1 USB 3.0 port so this Ethernet+hub actually works great on the laptop running Debian 11 "Bullseye". I iperf3'd my other laptop for an hour and it gets gigabit speed and only moderately warm to the touch. No point in taking it apart for pics though no ones going to want to use it if you half to go through a slow insertion process. hmmm. The jokes I could make about that.

Unless someone knows how to get a Genesys USB hub working correctly on OpenWRT this thread is done.

Genesys USB hubs work correctly on a Raspberry Pi 4 running OpenWRT - well, at least with VID:PID of 05e3:0610 (USB2) and 05e3:0616 (USB 3)