Alternative to shadowsocks-libev for MPTCP


I am using shadowsocks-libev with MPTCP enabled kernel on Netgear R6220 to combine multiple interfaces. Everything works perfectly with the only downside being the CPU bottleneck. Shadowsocks connects to a VPS with MPTCP enabled kernel, and acts as the proxy server.

  1. With chacha20-ieft-poly1305, top reports 50% (dual thread cpu) usage by ss-redir at only 25Mbps upload and download.
  2. With no encryption, top reports 50% usage by ss-redir at 120Mbps download.[*conditions]

*2nd option works great for a while, until ksoftirqd/1 starts showing up with ~40% cpu usage and the network performance drops to around 60-70 Mbps.

My third options was to use GRE tunnel, but i have no idea if it will use MPTCP. I have used mwan3 earlier, but MPTCP was a much better performer.

Is there any other alternative to shadowsocks, which could tunnel traffic over TCP without encryption?