Alternative to Netgear R7800

Hello all,

I need to replace my wireless infrastructure .

The suggested Netgear r7800/ ZyXEL NBG6817 are doing what I need.

I'm not able to find them online is there some available alternatives?

This has been asked a few times recently. Recommend you search. My personal suggestion is the Belkin RT3200 as it is 802.11ax vs ac and it has excellent OW support.

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Netgear XR500 is the direct successor for R7800 (otherwise identical, but with double flash and without eSATA).
Supported by OpenWrt master and 22.03

You can usually find Archer C2600s pretty cheap, on ebay.

Xiaomi AX3200/AX6S.

Thank you all for the answers.

Some of the suggested devices are wi-fi6, should I favor this new

I realy appreciate the help.

depends on your client's capabilities, but generally, yes, you should.

Agreed, no point in buying obsolete technology particularly when the one with the latest standard is so well supported/stable.