Alternative to Belkin rt3200?

I'm so sorry but I can't read everything.

Is there an alternative to Belkin rt3200? There isn't stock in Spain. Is there something similar in characteristics and price?


Buy RT3200 from Amazon UK, if it delivers to Spain.

(I bought my RT3200 from there in June, and it came just nicely to Finland)

In general, you are not really limited to the selection in Spain, as you can buy from abroad.

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If you do buy from Amazon UK, watch out for a few weeks (if you can) - the price often drops to £79.99


When buying from UK market one need to know what plug is included.
Does it include EU or UK plug?
It seems like it's shipped from China or Vietnam so one might need to pay customs and taxes.

Should be UK, and you will probably pay customs and taxes when receiving packages from UK too.

I got also the European plug from Amazon UK in June, when I bought my RT3200.

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The RT3200's I've received came with a universal power brick and two replaceable plug heads - one for UK, one for EU.


The adapter is a very standard 12 volt center positive 5.5/2.1 mm plug. If it doesn't come with one to fit your outlets, use a local one left over from something else.


Was both included?
I wonder since the description has it as RT3200-UK
I see that i can order it from by changing to .se then it includes import tax and shipping

I bought that "-UK" version and got at least the European plug. (Likely I got both, but I naturally threw away the UK plug as I have no use for that in Finland)

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Can anyone share a photo of the included power brick? I'd like to see if it has safety approval for my country.

And does adjusting Tx power for WiFi work well on the RT3200?

As in, changing Tx values actually does change Tx power ?

Some devices I've had, when you try to change Tx value, it doesn't actually have an effect in reality