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Hello, since I used openwrt to set hostnames (like is lab-dell) I'm forced to use the router gateway as dns (in my case I've got three different ISP and I use batch scripts to change between them but when I set a static IP address in windows (to change gateway) I'm forced to set a DNS server ip (in this field I can put the Openwrt gateway ip) and an alternative one, but I don't know what should I put in here since I only got one address and adding another dns server here (like results in hostnames not working.

Just leave it empty, it´s not mandatory.


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I tried before but hostnames do not work with this setup

The dns server is configured correctly on windows


Are you saying lab-dell isn't

It seems as if it's working to me.

Is this the OpenWrt or another device?

It is. Ping .73 works, ping lab-dell doesn't.

It's OpenWrt

Does ping lab-dell.lan work? If it does, you probably need to configure the DNS search domain.

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YES! lab-dell.lan works.

Could you explain me what I need to look for?

Took me a while to find this setting in my Windows VM, it's been a while since I had to configure it last time. It's called "Append DNS suffix":


I have no idea what the option "Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes" acutally does.

EDIT: Maybe the last line edit, DNS suffix for this connection: is sufficient if you add "lan" to it. Leave the radio box at the default "Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes"

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