Alter installing OpenWrt preconfigured devices missing

this might be stupod but I couldnt find anything:
I have a number of wlan devices which are preconfigured like photon, tplink power sockets and so on. And none of these devices are schowing up until i reconfigure them. On the other hand mobile phone are working fine.

I used the same ssid and password so I wonder what could be wrong here?


  1. Did you install Openwrt on OEM firmware or older Openwrt version?
  2. If the latter, did you keep the settings?
  3. Did you change channel or went from auto channel to manual?
  4. Did you change the BSSID?

Last oem Firmeare (its a liksys)
It was auto on the prigonal fw and os auto now to
What is bssid?

BSSID is basically the Mac address of the access point. Some devices can lock on specific BSSID, so if you have multiple access points with the same SSID you can force clients to connect to a particular access point. But I presume you didn't change that, or it was changed after upgrade.
Something else that might have changed is the minimum speed that AP allows clients to connect, modulation and channel.
Bottom line is that you didn't do anything wrong here.

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