Almost 500 pull requests

The number of pull requests on Github ( reaches 500, many of which are old and obsolete. Is there any chance someone will sort/clean this out?
In such a crowd, it is difficult to submit a new PR and wait for someone to find ours, verify it and approve it.


Doubt that will happen, most of those are completely outdated and dont apply anymore with authors just giving up.

New PR-s are on the top of the list so they are not hidden


Perhaps it would make more sense to sort by recent activity rather than PR opening date. Some PRs are, for example, 2 months old and still in the works, but they are far from the list due to the opening date. Who will find or notice them?

Anybody can sort them however they like on GH anyway


You can help with PRs and review and test them. Then it will be easier to a maintainer to merge it.

So far that hasn't made a difference with a PR I reviewed and commented on (it is working).

Trust me, other people reviewing stuff and testing helps a lot since there is just not enough people knowledgeable on all aspects that are maintainers


Thank you!

The PR in question has been accepted and merged into main!!

Thanks all!

I'm still waiting with my five PRs (
The oldest is almost two months old. How much patience does it take?
The number of all pull requests does not decrease if there are such delays.

No more complaining, not everything in the world can be changed.
Topic to be closed.