Allnet ALL0333CJ - how to flash?

Hello all,
I stumbled across the release image for the Allnet ALL0333CJ ADSL modem (lantiq/ase/). I can't find information about the support status of the device and how to install the image. Does anyone know?

That said, lantiq danube or ideally vr9 can be found very, very cheap on the used market, those typically come with a comfortable amount of RAM and flash as well.

Ah, OK:
"Ethernet works as expected, DSL syncronization does not work properly currently, I am working on this issue." [26 Feb 17 UTC]

I've got a bunch of these modems in use here. It woud have been interesting so see if there was an improvement in the dsl part, when using newer firmware. Of course you can't do much with so little memory, but using them as modems would have been enough in my case.