All lights flashing non-stop on router

Hi everyone,
Complete newbie on OpenWrt. I recently installed OpenWrt v22.03.0 on my Archer C7 v5 router and although everything seems to be working fine, all the lights (except power light) are flashing non-stop. I'm not sure if I should be worry that the router is going break if I keep it in its current state.

I'm currently running simple-adblock on this router, leaving all default settings from openwrt and only made changes according to the instruction provided on simple-adblock installation.


It's normal, the wifi and ethernet LEDs blink to indicate network activity.


The behavior can be changed by altering the LED settings.


Normally only the wifi & ethernet would be flashing but in this case all lights are flashing so I'm not sure if this is normal and the flashing also looks a bit too 'disorderly' as compared to usual.

@mk24 already said it's normal ...

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All the lights that are flashing are associated with a network device. From left to right the icons are:
"Narrow radio waves": 2.4 GHz WiFi
"Wide radio waves": 5 GHz WiFi
"Flying saucer" (or it's supposed to be the Earth with a ring around it): WAN Ethernet port
"Desktop screen": LAN Ethernet port(s)

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thanks guys

You can put some black electric tape over the LEDs if they are too annoying.

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