AliExpress WiFi6 routers supporting OpenWRT

I presently have three of these YouHua WR1200JS hardwired CAT6 in my home to cover WiFi on both floors. I've had them for about 3 years, originally purchased from Aliexpress, and I'm looking to upgrade to WiFi6 units.

Can anyone recommend good WiFi6 units from Aliexpress that support OpenWRT, and are in the $30-60 price range?

My ISP Cable modem speeds 700/24. I don't need a cable modem from Ali, just in case there was confusion.

I need:

  • Gigabit, or faster LAN/WAN ports (At least 3 LAN).
  • USB port
  • Powerful enough to run mjpg_streamer for CAMS in the baby room.
  • Decent range, with 500Mbps or faster WiFi speeds.
  • Enough storage for packages
  • Decent multithread CPU performance.

Well you could try a different approach- see what devices from this list are on aliexpress :slight_smile:

You cannot find a device with such parameters for such a price.

Maybe you can, if not to act as gateway (keep cable modem for this role) and add some mt7621/mt7622bv APs with wifi6 (only ones that fit the bill)

Hmmm ... I found this on Amazon, Cudy New AX3000. With available OpenWRT firmware. Here is the original OpenWRT forum post.

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what about the usb port?

Or 4xe7350 (sell the 4th)

Good point, I quickly glanced over it's hardware, and missed that.