Alcatel (TLC) HH40 LTE router: based on OpenWRT?

I got hold of an Alcatel HH40 LTE router (black case). It's apparently manufactured by Hong Kong-based TLC who are using the Alcatel Mobile brand. The particular one I have is branded for T-Mobile Austria (now named Magenta Austria), an Austrian daughter company of Deutsche Telekom:

The device I have has firmware HH40_EP_02.00_06 installed. I cannot find any firmware files online (for any branding); it looks like the device can do OTA updates only.

It looks like Deutsche Telekom and is now also distributing this device, though probably with different branding:

Their their German no-frills daughter company Congstar did so some time ago:

The manufacturer seems to sell boxes with Orange (France Telecom) branding:

Now I am wondering whether this device is based on OpenWRT. In the setting, the fact my attention that the default NTP servers are and

I also stumbled across the following repository that someone created about two years ago (around when the device was first released to markets): (including some interesting discussion)

If that machine is actually using OpenWRT and thus Linux and some other FOSS code, aren't the manufacturers/importers/telcos obliged to provide sources under GPL terms?
Did anyone try to and maybe even succeed in obtaining those sources?
Any further info about this box anyone?

OK, a small update: thanks to the information found in the discussion on the above Github repository I was able to telnet (or ssh) into using root with password oelinux123.
It's a 3.18.20 Linux running on a Qualcomm ARMv7 CPU.


noinitrd rw console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.hardware=qcom ehci-hcd.park=3 msm_rtb.filter=0x37 lpm_levels.sleep_disabled=1 earlycon=msm_hsl_uart,0x78b3000 androidboot.serialno=1ef91ed androidboot.baseband=msm rootfstype=ubifs rootflags=bulk_read root=ubi0:rootfs ubi.mtd=15

Nmap reports the following ports for

22/tcp open ssh
23/tcp open telnet
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
5555/tcp filtered freeciv
8888/tcp open sun-answerbook

I don't get an HTTP connection on either 80 or 8888 though

Please do not waste your time with this crap modem. The only advantage of this modem is LTE speed. LAN speed is 100Mb and DHCP is working terribly loosing connection.. Looks that it has some bugs.
Buy this one MikroTik RBD53G-5HacD2HnD-TC&EG12-EA. It is double price but it has got 4 times faster LTE comparing with this alcatel, 1000mb ports and nice firewall managed by Microtik OS.