Alcatel MW40V how to acces point

I am kinda new in openwrt and i have a question, how do i make MW40V an acces point (because openwrt is for making any router an acces point, right?) i fond this [How-To] configure and setup USB Alcatel LTE Link Key IK40 and Alcatel LTE MW40V but i dont understand what they say,any help?

Liberate any router supported, including AP mode.

Your device doesn't however seem to be supported

I think the link you posted, is for hooking it up to an existing router.

I mean, i dont know the difference beetween AP and repeter i just want to make it a wi-fi amplifier

Well, it's probably not going to happen, as long as you use the mw40v.

are you sure? i searched on dd-wrt and i found some for alcatel but not for this exact version, is there any alternatives?

Check the link provided.

What ddwrt does, and doesn't support, I don't keep track of.

so what do i do now? (i didnt meant aplifier i meant extender, wifi extender)

Your device, as noted by @frollic , is not supported by OpenWrt. So, you won't be able to install OpenWrt onto your MW40V. You should search the internet to see if this specific model is supported by other open source firmware and then ask on the respective user forums for those projects.

Alternatively, you can stick with the vendor firmware that is already on your device if it supports the modes you are interested in.

Or, finally, if neither of those pan out, use the Table of Hardware (linked above) to help you select a router that is supported by OpenWrt.

ok i am going to try this

i tried this but it does not work, so i think i cant make this old router an repeater :frowning:

If you can run a wire between your main router and this device, it is often possible to setup the second device as a dumb AP. But if you need a wireless repeater, you'll probably need new hardware.

like, this model does not have any ethernet entrence

There's usb, and that's where the thread you linked to, comes in.

In that case, new hardware will almost certainly be required.

yeah, now i think three repeters should be good(like in the house is that, that there is router in one of the room on the 1st floor in the same room is a tplink specially for one person, the room next to this room is repeater on on parter is one repeter(i wanted this as repeter because one of the room in the 1st floor has a bad connection)yeah i know its bad placement)