Airplay not working on OpenWRT 19.07 Mi Wifi Router 3G

Hello Guys,

so a few days ago I revived my OpenWRT Mi Wifi Router 3G, as I am not alone at home anymore and had huge buffer bloat issues. So I installed OpenWRT 19.07 and SQM to deal with the buffer bloat. Since I started using OpenWRT, I cannot use Airplay anymore. My iPad can't connect to the AppleTV anymore and things like that. After googling this issue I could not find anything helpful so I wondered if anyone of you faced the same issue and knows how to fix it.

Thank you!

Does your clients (devices) getting Local IPv6 from router? Mostly issue appear with not working IPv6 (by default it shall work)

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Thank you! I seems to be a bug in 19.07 for MiR3G. I installed RC3 of 21.02 and it works out of the box.

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