After reset router different login page appeared

I just installed Openwrt in my Tplink AX23. After changing some settings internet was not connecting, so i decided to reset the router using the reset button. After reset different login page appeared & now can't login with any password. :disappointed_relieved:

That looks either like something like a cable modem, ONT, VDSL modem or a bootloader based webrecovery.

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your whatever it is, is using the same IP as openwrt's lan side,
isolate the AX23, change the lan side IP.

Looking at wiki it seems to be

OEM Bootloader Webrecovery installation

The bootloader providers a recovery webserver under

web recovery seldom have a language option and login.

or OP's not even talking to the AX23.

I am looking here:

Thanks, i disconnected everything.

Now can't be reachable.

this could be fine too, depending on which image you used.

try ssh, and an ethernet cable.

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Judging from the "D401" message on the tab, this is the login page of the ONT. Check this website, it looks the same:

Unfortunately, it uses the IP by default, so as other have already pointed out, OP needs to change the LAN IP address of the OpenWrt router.


Thanks everyone, the ONU login page made everything worse to me & ssh login was refusing. After unplugging the ONU I'm able to setup.


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