After power off wrt3200acm boot with stock firmware

Hi, i install latest version of lede on my router, but after power off, boot with first partition, now i am on stock firmware, exist a command line or combination of key for start boot second partition where is installed Lede? Thx

See this OpenWrt thread...

LEDE User Guide...

Firmware Recovery or utilize a Serial Connection.

  • For some reason, Linksys defaulted at least some WRT3200ACM's to the alt partition, however if you flashed LEDE successfully, it would not have loaded the other partition once rebooted, unless there was an issue with the flash.

    • Once a flash occurs, the device must boot to the non-active partition that was just flashed (i.e if booted to primary, when flashed, if flashes the alternate partition and vice versa), and the only way to alter this is via a script edit before hand, via serial, or via the Recovery power up/down sequence.

    • Once rebooted, Uboot will attempt to load the non-active partition that was just flashed, but after three unsuccessful boot attempts, it will boot back to whatever partition was previously active.

I would recommend connecting via Serial to determine what the issue is. To do a one time partition boot:

  1. Hit a key to cancel auto boot, which will bring you to the Uboot CLI Marvell >> prompt
    • Primary Partition: run nandboot
      • NAND read: device 0 offset 0x2000000
    • Alternate Partition: run altnandboot
      • NAND read: device 0 offset 0xa00000