After install archer C50 starts blinking every second with internet connection orange

This was my first time using openwrt and I followed a guide on YouTube and installed it but I can't connect to it after. Not even any LAN ports work either.need help ASAP

To better assist you, please provide more information (e.g. what guide/video link, what OpenWrt images/version did you use, what are you doing to connect to it after - i.e. did it have a different IP then the OEM image, did you reset your Ethernet after flashing, you say installed it but then describe an issue - clarify this, etc.).

The video is and I'm sure that the software version was right because my box is on v4 and I downloaded v4 and then went onto my to the tp link website and once it installed and restarted my router just didn't work anymore and I'm not sure about the ip matching and I installed the one with the Linux kernel that says first time install

What firmware image did you download -- please provide a link to that image or the filename of what you downloaded.

Let's see a picture of the info sticker on the bottom of your router.

what website are you talking about here?

OpenWrt uses as its default address. Wifi is disabled by default. So you need to be connected by ethernet to your router and then it should work, assuming your computer is set to get an address using DHCP and everything went properly with the installation.

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The website I'm talking about is the admin page where you can install firmware to your router and no there isn't even power going through my LAN cables and my router is flashing with the internet light orange

that will not work anymore once OpenWrt is installed...

What about the other questions I asked?

Yes I know it wouldn't work anymore and my computer is set to get dhcp

Well I now know that my router is says on the website not to install it using the tp link website🙄the video could have told me or gave me a warning at least