Afoundry AF-S100FR configuration issues

Hello all, this is my first post here.
I've purchased an Afoundry S100 wifi adapter, my issue is the following, the device is set as an AP and from my smartphone I can connect to this network and navigate and all but from my pc (from all 3 axtually) it connects to the network but doesn't navigates... it says internet not available, Is it my pc or the AP?
Did someone had/has this issue?
How can I solve it?
Help please!

I don't see the S100 listed in the Table of Hardware. Is it running OpenWRT or LEDE from the factory?

Hi Jeff,
Actually I have no idea of what kind of firmware it is using, I've been looking all around and can't even find a firmware reference to answer you.
the full model number is AF-S100FR, I've purchase it via Amazon for 13€, I've sent already an email to what seems to be the producer of the router/AP (no reply yet).

In the below link you will find the Amazon site where I bought it.

Sorry, but I'm also walking in the dark here.

Post a screen shot of the router GUI.


Unfortunately, that is not OpenWrt/LEDE...and as mentioned above, is not supported. Looks like the "factory" firmware provided by Afoundry.

It sounds like you don't have the WAN set up correctly.

I see a Setup Wizard on the GUI. You might try that and reconfigure the router from scratch, or see if the Debug Tools will give you any clues.

Good luck!