Aether Cone - good device for hacking

Some of my findings if you are interested:
Its a good quality wireless speaker that supports bluetooth, spotify and airplay.

Ideal device to run mopidy on it.

Freescale i.MX6 SoloLite (Device Tree)
Mem:       1032352       108216       924136

The company stopped to produce them but they put the last firmaware on github along with the buildroot config where we can find the root password that can be used for logging on serial console.
This can be accessed by removing bottom cover there are pads: x R T x x G - these can be disconnected - so I soldered pins on it for easy connecting - later I just removed the board.
From there we remount rw and enable to log as root with ssh
I extracted the encryption key from the sysupdate script - it uses some for the encryption
I had problems compiling it - Im not a C guru but I managed to extract the provided firmware from github on device where I got access to a working copy of the file.
Inside there are:
bootloader.img bootloader.ver cert.pem rootfs.tar.gz signature.sha256 version.txt
the update scripts - search for metfs: for usage examples :wink:

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Did you ever manage to do anything with this speaker? I find the bluetooth to be very hit n miss when trying to connect to it. so anything to fix that would be great. Ive been debating about just gutting an echodot and fitting it inside the speaker as a project.