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Hello, I’ve been looking at the threads and fear I’ve fallen into the trap so many have of underestimating the specs I’d need for the performance I want in a router. I have a 600 or so down connection that I’ve delayed for awhile investing the right local networking equipment in. My previous router has died and I was looking again for a wifi 6 router that open wrt supported. I started looking almost a year ago for such a thing but found it would be awhile before anything made it into stable. A year later and still from my perspective no progress. I have found an open wrt I believe (could be ddwrt I’m not sure) wireless router on Flashrouters but I think those developers did some work porting open wrt to their product (slate I think it’s called, and they also have a travel size) but no others that really compare to the features a normal open wrt installation has (lots of proprietary open wrt Frankenstein firmwares). The slate branded router is 250 usd or so which is out of budget anyways, and is more designed for people that don’t want to flash a router on their own.

I’ve come to the conclusion that an open source and free wifi 6 os is anyone’s guesses time away, so I’m trying to settle for the next best thing. I’m looking for recommendations on a wifi 5 wireless router that has beamforming and that odfma…abc whatever it’s called feature for effectively routing many people’s traffic at the same time. I am looking to spend maybe 50 usd give or take 20 and get a device that is future proof with 256-512+ ram and at least 64-128 rom (that seems to be recommended now for future open wrt releases).

I’m not set on an all in one device, I am willing to get an sbc and a few usb antennas and go through a dummy proof flashing process written in a good guide, but no soldering or anymore than a few terminal commands. Nothing too complicated. But if I go that route I’d want to make sure I know how to install three or so usb antennas and get them to work to service three client devices at one time which is worrying me if that would be a long process in open wrt to do. I don’t want all these features… beamforming, odmfa etc just to be bottlenecked by a single antenna all these devices will be waiting for packets from. If you have any recommendations I would very much appreciate it. Either an all-in-one or self made sbc based wireless router. If you know of any wifi 6 device that soon will be getting support, I and every other person obviously would like to know about it. I hear the cudy ax1800 and a few other devices will soon get limited support which is great but I need something soon and can’t really wait forever.

Also, I don’t need 600 mbps wifi, being able to give half that collectively most of the time to a dozen or so devices would be fine, but I want the extra specs to play orotund with and install packages on. Latency and making sure all devices get good enough wifi performance without having to wait or overloading the router is of a bigger concern.

Thanks again everyone

Supported AX devices, using stable, and snapshot -

If you've got 600mbit down, I'd use a small x86 device for the routing, and an
AP/router as AP for the wireless. An AC2600 device would work for 600mbit, but
that would be as fast as they go, want faster, AX3200 is probably the next step,
not AX1800.

If you to for a two device solution, the APs don't need as much flash and RAM as
a proper router, you're not going to install any additional packages there.

Here's a short list of AC2600 devices Router that can handle 400Mbps over 5GHz under $120 - #2 by frollic

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I am running a Banana Pi BPI-R64 that will route 600mbit without breaking a sweat. It has an AsiaRF WiFi 6 card in it (in addition to the 2.4 GHz AC it had on the board). It is running OpenWrt stable 22.03.2. I have a second device, a BPI-R2 with another AsiaRF card that is set up as a WDS bridge in my study to give me an ultra fast link to my main router. I plug my laptop into it with gigabit ethernet to give my laptop beautiful connectivity.

WiFi 6 is eminently doable today.

The new BPI-R3 (which I don't have yet) comes with 2.4 & 5ghz WiFi 6 built in on board and is even faster than my two devices. It is only supported in Snapshot though. It's a little more plug and play hardware wise, though. It comes in a full kit, board, PS, case, and antenna. I had to tweak the cases for the R2 and R64 to support all the antennae I needed.